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Books by Diane Button

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Dear Death,

Dear Death, written by author and end-of-life doula Diane Button, is an insightful and deeply personal, ground-breaking look at how to really live until the moment you die.  Both practical and inspirational, Dear Death explores the "Four Pillars of a Meaningful Life" and what ultimately brings us joy in life and peace in death.  How can we heal, change, forgive, and grow, even until the very last hours of life? Through the lens of the aging and the dying, this book explores these important questions, inviting you on a journey that begins right here and now, lasting until the moment you take your final breath.

Workbook for Dear Death 2022
Book no.1

WORKBOOK and Companion Guide for Dear Death,

The Dear Death WORKBOOK & Companion Guide offers a step-by-step path to creating and living your best life. Each page invites you to reflect upon, shape, and activate your purpose in simple yet profound ways. You’ll be supported and inspired with wisdom, humor, and encouragement to get to the important work of living life with joy.


  • An introduction and guide to the “Four Pillars of a Meaningful Life."

  • 25 thought-provoking exercises designed to guide you
    through answering some of life’s most important questions.

  • 30 creative ideas and projects to leave a legacy that
    friends and loved ones will cherish.

  • 6 final checklist questions every caregiver should ask
    their clients and loved ones who are nearing end of life,
    and that you can begin to ask yourself now.

  • And, much more...

the letter box cover art.jpg

The Letter Box

The Letter Box is an inspirational story and legacy of love that has changed many lives—and has the potential to change yours and the lives of those you love in a profound way.  With a unique concept and universal appeal, The Letter Box has been published in five languages and enjoyed around the world.

The Letter Box is an intimate journey of the heart, a compelling true story of love and second chances that will move you to create your own legacy of love for those you cherish.


Special Delivery - A Cookbook For Food & Life.

Special Delivery, by Diane Button and her three children has over 100 recipes and helpful tips for preparing and delivering food to friends, family or anyone who may appreciate a home-cooked meal to help them through hard times. Also enclosed are the ingredients for a meaningful life, which we learned about from our mom's journey with breast cancer. We hope you enjoy the recipes and stories knowing that you have contributed to a cause that helps kids and families who are hurting…all around the world.

100% of these Royalty Revenues goes to the Non-Profit, Dream of a Better World.

Letter Box Description
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