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A Letter to Death...

Sharing a brief excerpt from the introduction of Diane Button's new book: Dear Death - Finding Meaning in Life, Peace in Death, and Joy in an Ordinary Day.

Both practical and inspirational, Dear Death explores what ultimately brings us joy in life, and peace in death. How can we heal, change, forgive, and grow, even until the very last hours of life? Through the lens of the aging and the dying, this book explores these important questions, inviting you on a journey that begins right here and now, lasting until the moment you take your final breath.

A Letter to Death

Dear Death,

I’ve spent a lifetime avoiding you.

For decades I never even thought about you. Why would I want to think about you now, when I could think about something wonderful instead, like life or sex or chocolate?

Years have passed and now I see that you are a wise teacher, not to be ignored, but to be invited in as a constant and steadfast companion. You are Death, and you are part of life, too. So, Death, what can you teach me?

Since I will be meeting you someday, I’d like to get ready. I have a few questions.

What will matter most on that day when I leave this earth and all those who I have come to love so deeply?

How can I be ready and open to greet you in comfort and peace?

How can I live my everyday life with meaning, love, goodness, and joy, prepared to meet you at any time, feeling fulfilled and without regrets?

Please guide me as you have guided my ancestors.

Thank you.


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